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of scale has provided for him, has torn the old
economic order to rags. Quite apart from war,
our planet is being wasted and disorganised.
Yet the process goes on, without any general
control, more monstrously destructive even than
the continually enhanced terrors of modern
Now it has to be made clear that these two
things, the manifest necessity for some collective
world control to eliminate warfare and the less
generally   admitted   necessity   for   a   collective
control of the economic and biological life of
^mankind, are aspects of one and the same process.
Of the two the disorganisation of the ordinary
life which is going on, war or no war, is the
graver and least reversible*   Both arise out of the
abolition of distance and the change of scale,
i they affect and modify each other, and unless
! their parallelism and interdependence are recog-
j nised,   any   projects   for   world   federation   or
I anything of the sort are doomed inevitably to
That is where the League of Nations broke
down completely. It was legal ; it was political.
It was devised by an ex-professor of the old-
fashioned history assisted by a few politicians. It
ignored the vast disorganisation of human life
by technical revolutions, big business and modern